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Printworx has been serving the greater Mercer County area for more than 30 years. We're conveniently located right off Rt 33, on George Dye Road in Hamilton Township, directly across from Pizza Grill! 


We pride ourselves on customer service. The customer is always greeted by a friendly staff member who is committed to offering first-quality printed products at a reasonable cost, and produced in a timely fashion. We offer personalized, affordable quality services—it's our specialty. 


As technology changes, printworx always offers the latest in machinery, producing better quality output with each generation of new equipment. There’s a lot of competition and printworx always tries to stay ahead of the game.

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Production Area 2
Production Area 3
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Carolyn  the boss 


So they call me "The Boss" ... I hope that's a term of endearment! LOL. I am so grateful for my fabulous creative team - we're in our 19th year and still growing strong! We pride ourselves on personal customer service, so I owe a huge THANK YOU to our loyal customers for your continued support amidst all the internet competition. I'm a firm believer of shopping local, so if there's anything we can do for you just give us a shout!!! 


Tim the rockstar

Hey there, I’m Tim. I got my start in the world of printing and design back in 1996 with the Triangle of Lawrenceville. Was happy to join the Printworx family in 2019 and bring with me my 26 plus years of experience. My coworkers call me “The Rockstar” because along with my involvement in the print world, I’ve been playing in bands, making records and touring since the early 90’s. My playing music has since slowed down a bit, but I still enjoy buying records and seeing shows whenever I get the chance. I also enjoy spending time with family (Traci, Trevor, Taryn and Travis), rooting on all the Philadelphia teams and watching horror movies. I appreciate all the loyal Printworx customers and look forward to meeting all the new ones.

John  the schlepp

I'm John. As you can see by my nickname, I basically get to do all the things that no one else wants to do. I like trains, turtles and irritating Wes every chance I get. So come join me!

Tracy  the chatterbox
Hi everyone! I've been part of the former Triangle, and now, Printworx family, for just over 28 years now! I love what I do and my customers are like extended family to me!

Joe G picture.jpg

Joe mr conceptual


Hello, my name is Joe, “Mr. Conceptual”. I am a native of New Jersey, who was blessed to be born with an art talent. However, my education and talent led me into the performance arts, where eventually I became a trained professional actor. I started my graphic design career while performing in NYC as a member of theater company’s who produced original material. I would illustrate and design logos, posters, flyers, postcards and programs by hand for the companies. Though I was a professional actor, who earned all the significant unions to be in, it was not enough to support a wife and a newborn child. I decided to return to college and receive all the education needed to become a skilled computer graphic designer. Today, I have almost 30 years of experience. Being trained as a Method actor, and born with a fine art talent, has inspired my career as a designer. I have always been a very visual person: observant of nature and humankind. This kind of behavior has been a building block for conceptual thinking of my work throughout my career.

2022 Group Photo.jpg

Creative minds use paper and technology to tell a love story.

PRINTWORX pushes the envelope of inspiration and personalization.

The PRINTWORX “family” has been assisting people put their colorful ideas to textured paper with vibrancy for almost three decades, right in the heart of Mercer County.

Whether you need a single copy or one thousand, need a banner, or have a custom invitation job, we give each order the same amount of attention to detail it deserves … 110%. Because of this attitude, PRINTWORX has been fortunate to create long-standing relationships with individuals and businesses for many years; relationships where both parties know each other’s first names and even ask how little Suzy did in her championship game. The depth of customer service with a personal touch, especially in a world full of easy online button-clicking, is something that every member of PRINTWORX takes great pride in conveying to each customer that walks through their door. We strive to not only make sure our clients are greeted with a welcoming smile, but we want them to feel that their request, whether small or large, is important to us - because it absolutely is.

At PRINTWORX, we all try to bring out the best in each other, not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. We are a close-knit, knowledgeable and “happy-go-lucky” group with a great sense of comradery with which we want our customers to feel the extension of as well. When you walk through the door of our shop we want you to experience that feeling too. A happily satisfied customer is the best form of advertisement out there!

So please swing by the shop – we’d be thrilled to help you with the birth announcement for your new little bundle of joy, create the banner for the grand opening of your new business venture, make custom labels for the favor bags that hold the delicious treats you baked for your child’s party, or design the perfectly customized wedding invitation suite for the day you’ll always remember!

And, so there you have it. Our PRINTWORX family is here to stay. We’re all about customer service and satisfaction; we’re all about YOU! Stop by and say hello … you’ll see WE MAKE A GREAT IMPRESSION!

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